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Pearl Jewelry Repair • Jewelry Restringing, Knotting, and Repair

Pearl Jewelry Repair • Jewelry Restringing, Knotting, and Repair

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Have an heirloom necklace or vintage item that needs to be restrung or repaired?

My shop offers professional restringing and repair services for your precious item to help protect and keep your jewelry in immaculate condition.

**Why invest in knotted beads? A newly knotted beaded necklace will hang more evenly and the beads will not rub against one another and wear down their gorgeous exterior. Typical bead restrings include individually hand-knotting each bead on silk, which has been twisted for extra strength. With a single restring, your item could easily become a treasured heirloom that lasts for many years to come. 


H O W   T O   G E T   S T A R T E D

  • To get started, please contact us
  • In your message let's discuss some details:
      • Desired repair (restringing, closure repair/replacement, etc.)
      • If you wish to restring your item, please add the current and desired strand length(s)
F E E   S T R U C T U R E

  • Restringing fees range from $2.00 - $6.00 per inch strung, depending on bead size
  • Restringing fees are inclusive of both stringing and individually hand knotting each pearl
  • Larger beads will have a lower restringing fee than smaller beads due to fewer knots being needed to reach the same end length



  • Depending on the complexity of your repair and shipping method used, end delivery on most repairs will typically range from 1 - 2 weeks


R E P A I R   R E V I E W S

"The ring came out beautifully! Katy's work is superb
And she is great to work with!"

"Beautiful perfect matching thread done quickly"

"Katy was a pleasure to work with and she works incredibly fast!"

"Gorgeous! Always done perfect and quickly with great communication!!"

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