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Akoya Pearl Solitaire Necklace

Akoya Pearl Solitaire Necklace

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  • Handmade in Asheville, N.C.
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This timeless and minimalist Akoya pearl necklace is a tribute to a cherished family heirloom. The single, stunning 6.5 mm Akoya pearl with brilliant rosé overtones takes center stage, floating gracefully on a handmade chain.

Key Features:

  • Pearl: Single 6.5 mm Akoya pearl with brilliant rosé overtones.
  • Chain Options: Choose from a handmade chain in 14K yellow gold filled, 14K rose gold filled, or sterling silver.
  • Floating Design: The pearl delicately floats on the chain, adding a modern and elegant touch.
  • Versatile Elegance: Perfect for both casual and formal occasions, this necklace seamlessly transitions from day to night.

Why Choose This Necklace? Invest in a piece of timeless beauty inspired by a cherished family heirloom. The handmade chain options in various metals provide versatility, allowing you to personalize your style. The floating design adds a contemporary flair to the classic elegance of Akoya pearls.

Carefully Crafted Heirloom:

  • Hand-Knotted: Each pearl is individually hand-knotted on silk for even hanging and protection against wear.
  • Durable Materials: Choose from 14K yellow gold filled, 14K rose gold filled, or sterling silver for lasting durability.
  • Thoughtful Design: This necklace is more than just jewelry; it's a potential treasured heirloom designed to last for years to come.

Gift Idea: Whether for yourself or a loved one, this Akoya pearl necklace makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Celebrate special occasions with a piece that embodies both tradition and contemporary style.

Add a touch of timeless beauty to your collection with this Akoya pearl necklace. Choose your preferred chain option and embrace the elegance of a family-inspired heirloom.

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